Current Layout ;;

After having that atrocious South Park layout up for over 9000 years, I finally decided to change the goddamn thing to Sheva Alomar from Resident Evil 5. Isn’t she fucking gorgeous? I love that bitch. :] I think she looks so pretty in that “Folklore” bonus costume, and I wanted to exploit her sexiness in a layout. I’m glad, too, because I think it came out pretty dandy.

Name Origin ;;

I can’t really remember the inspiration for my domain name, but I remember being really goddamn surprised it wasn’t taken since it does, admittedly, feel a little cliché and common. But… I am still eternally grateful. I love it to death and am beyond happy to have it. It was officially bought on July 19, 2004. Oh, nostalgia.

Credits & Shout-Outs ;;

Although the site is now dead and buried, I would like to thank for the textures used on the header image. The background textures came from the awesomely talented designer over at Sky Line Illusions. Thanks for creating such lovely background shizzle.