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December 10, 2010: Although most of us already had it figured out, Capcom unveiled that one of the additional playable characters in Mercenaries 3DS is none other than Claire Redfield. I am very pleased by this, even if her character model looks a bit sloppy this time around.

More information to come, hopefully!

August 19, 2009: If you're an obsessed fan of CODE: Veronica like I am, the newest trailer for Darkside Chronicles will absolutely blow your mind. This trailer features some of the most poignant moments from both RE2 and CVX while also showcasing some completely new material, all of which looks incredible. My hopes about this game have yet to be dashed. Capcom's work is beautiful so far, and I am literally going crazy waiting for this game.

Hope everyone is having a nice end-of-the-summer. I'll keep you posted on further developments!

July 02, 2009: Another trailer of Darkside Chronicles was released, which includes plenty of new gameplay scenes. It also reveals new boss cameos, such as Nosferatu. has also released new screenshots, which are below.

Everything about this game continues to look great! I cannot wait for it. Also, I hope everyone is enjoying the new layout here! I'm really proud of it.

June 02, 2009: The extended version of Capcom's latest Darkside Chronicles trailer is now up. This new trailer shows a couple of cutscenes and even more environments. Overall, it's really quite stunning, and if you're like me, you'll be bouncing off the walls after you watch it. Seriously, I am so excited for this game. also released new screenshots for the CODE: Veronica scenario. Below are the three of Claire.

I have a handful of renders I need to put on the site, but I am waiting to add the slew of new content once I get a new layout up, which may not be until a very long time. I apologize deeply for that. Please bear with me. :3

May 28, 2009: Another Darkside Chronicles trailer has been released, this time showing segments from the CODE: Veronica scenarios. Claire's CVX outfit looks fantastic, but I'm very disappointed by Steve's new model and voice. He looks exactly like Leon now! How lazy of Capcom. Well, regardless, the environments look superb, and I'm eager to see more.

April 28, 2009: Various Darkside Chronicles information has spread as well as a brand new trailer, which excitedly shows off the voice-acting to a greater extent. did a small report on the demo they played through, and they give a wonderful confirmation that our beloved Alyson Court is reprising her role as Claire. Lastly, has also updated their gallery, which include two pictures of Claire (these are pictures we saw from the previous scans).

I know many fans have a mixed opinion of Umbrella Chronicles (myself included), but from what weíve seen so far, I think itís safe to say that Darkside Chronicles is going to be much better. Besides, we have Alyson Court back! Double yay there. And, by the way, donít Ada and Claire look luscious together? Guh.

April 22, 2009: Thanks to a generous member of the Biohaze forums, the Resident Evil community has been blessed with early scans of Famistuís latest issue, which includes new pictures of Darkside Chronicles. Ada and Claire seem to be working together, which is surprising, but we also have a confirmation on my little Sherry Birkin! I am ten times more excited for this game now!

March 12, 2009: As a follow-up to Umbrella Chronicles, Capcom has announced a sequel to the game, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Although the details for the game are scarce as of now, a Resident Evil 2 scenario has been confirmed, and many are speculating a CODE: Veronica one will be included as well. This is extremely exciting news, especially since we already have screencaps and a new trailer!

Claire has received a very stunning makeover, which includes new boots, cut-off shorts and a newly-designed vest. Personally, I think she looks absolutely beautiful, and I cannot wait to see more of this game! You can view the new trailer over at Famitsu. Thank you very much, Kei, for informing me of this news when I went to check my email!

January 30, 2009: Much to everyone's surprise, Claire has been featured in Resident Evil 5's latest viral ad campaign. The episode is appropriately titled "Claire," and in the video, Claire tries to breach the subject of Chris' mental health in attempt to help comfort her brother. Her efforts are pretty much shot down, and as a reoccurring theme in the videos, Chris begins to exhibit symptoms of PTSD.

Full screencaps have been added for your viewing pleasure, but you can watch the video at the official Resident Evil 5 site. I doubt Claire will reappear in another episode, but this raises this possibility she may earn a mention in Resident Evil 5. Here's hoping!

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