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Welcome to The Heiress, the only approved fanlisting for Fiona Belli, the main character in Capcom's survival horror game, Haunting Ground (also known as Demento). See, besides being pure sex appeal, Fiona is an interesting, sweet college student, who I happen to believe has a lot of depth and personality. Besides, she's basically fun to pair with every character in the game but not Hewie, kthxbye. If you're like me and enjoy lusting after Fiona's deliciousness and smirking at her small quirks, then join the fanlisting and pwn with the rest of the member list~~ Also, take a look around the site, because everything in here in sexy sexified sex0rz, and you know it!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me, and I'll do my best to respond!


The Fiona Belli fanlisting was last updated on 18th March 2017. There are currently 99 approved members from 28 countries with 1 waiting to be added to the list. A warm welcome goes out to the newest member(s), Rika.

Site Updates

November 05, 2012: We are very proud to announce our affiliation with the new Clock Tower and Haunting Ground fansite, Stalking Insanity. This site is, without a doubt, expected to be the most thorough and well-maintained dedication to both series, and I highly encourage everyone to explore it. And, one day, in the distant, distant future, I will update this fanlisting with a new layout and ... Oh, it's so old and embarrassing! :(

February 09, 2008: WTF? An update? Well, as you can see, there are major changes all over the fricken place, and I am not going to apologize for it one bit, because let's face it: I don't have time to run this shrine as actively as I did two years ago. That said, there is a new layout, featuring promotional stills from the upcoming Haunting Ground movie!! ..... Hahaha, just kidding, silly. Now, really, the layout features the incredibly amazing, beautiful and talented, Pixie Kitty, cosplaying as my babe, Fiona! <3 If you believed my movie lie, well, that's okay, 'cause Pixie Kitty really pulls off the costume better than anyone else in the world (and yes, I can say that without even having seen any other Fiona cosplayers), and if there really were a HG movie coming out, I'd fund it if Pixie Kitty starred as Fiona. :3

The main changes consist of the following:

  • The URL has changed, obviously. No biggie there.
  • Rants = gone, 'cause I don't think they served any other purpose other than to make me laugh.
  • No more fanfiction section. Oh well.
  • Squeezed a lot of content together for the sake of saving space.
  • Affiliates

    Stalking Insanity: A Clock Tower & Haunting Ground (Demento) Fansite
    The Killing Perfection: A Hewie & Fiona Fansite