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Why Hikari?
As much as I love the previous female protagonists, Misty and May, Hikari won me over in a different way. I find her personality very appealing, and her character design is very unique for the Pokémon series. (dat blue hair, amirite?) Now that the Diamond & Pearl arc is over, I truly missher as a main character, but I'll forever treasure what she brought to the show.

Why Daijoubu?
Originally, this fanlisting was titled “Shining Light,” which is the meaning of the name Hikari. But, after the writers better fleshed out her character, her personality became more stable, and it showed with her repeated use of the phrase, “Daijoubu!” During the D&P series, Hikari had the tendency of using that phrase in any situation—good or bad—and it loosely translates into: “It’s fine!” or “It’ll be okay.” Hikari’s optimism was a large part of her character, and I felt it was an appropriate title for her fanlisting.

Design Credits
Thank you,, for having supplied me with my weekly dose of Diamond & Pearl. To this very day, the time and effort you put into #PM is astounding, and you guys go above and beyond. The talented artist, Lord Donovan, also deserves a shout out for the amazing piece of fanart used in the layout. Thank you for being one of the first to draw Hikari. And, last—but not least!—textures used in the layout and the background image were obtained from Master Jinn, whose versatile artwork made the design of this fanlisting much more colorful and attractive.

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