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Welcome to Solitary, a fansite and approved fanlisting dedicated to Sherry Birkin of the Resident Evil series. Sherry is one of the major characters in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 6 and, while she's highly unloved and mistreated by both characters and fans, she happens to be my favorite character. Within this fansite, you can find information, multimedia and more, all pertaining to Sherry. Please note that this site has spoilers in almost every section. If you have any questions, comments or donations, email me, and I'll definitely give you a response. Thank you for visiting, and please enjoy your stay!

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The Sherry Birkin fanlisting was last updated on 25th April 2017. There are currently 126 approved members from 26 countries with 0 waiting to be added to the list. A warm welcome goes out to the newest member(s), Yuki.

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April 12, 2012: Yes, it is official, now: Sherry Birkin has been confirmed for Resident Evil 6. More on that over at the news page. I've updated the official artwork page with Sherry's game render.

January 06, 2010: Lovely progress continues! I have added scans from the Darkside Chronicles artbook, which you can view in the gallery, and I have also added a render from the game. As of now, this pretty much means the site is up-to-date. But, hopefully, Sherry will eventually make another appearance in the series, and I'll be able to expand the website further. Keep an eye on the news page for any Sherry-related updates.

January 05, 2010: I have added screencaps from Darkside Chronicles to the site. Sherry may not have appeared in many FMV scenes, but I am simply grateful she appeared, at all. Also, to finally put a rest to the debate concerning Sherry's whereabouts, I have also added a page concerning the Wesker's Report DVD.

February 27, 2009: I did some cleaning of various pages, including moving some content around and renaming a few sections. I also posted some news regarding a final confirmation to whether Sherry will appear in Resident Evil 5.

December 07, 2008: First of all, head on over to the news section for some interesting tidbits regarding the Masked Woman from Resident Evil 5! Second of all, I was lucky enough to finally win an auction for the Resident Evil 2 comic, so I scanned it and added it to the comic section! Enjoy!

October 17, 2008: Holy Mother of God! I am amazing! I managed to rescan all the doujinshis featuring Sherry! And, I organized them in a pretty fashion, so you're no longer forced to click on, like, a jillion tiny pictures! I am so proud of myself, mawhaha! So, go check out the doujinshi section. Hurry, hurry!

October 14, 2008: Wahoo! I managed to rescan the comics and books this weekend. I separated them by volumes and specific book releases, so I hope that makes the site look cleaner and more organized. I will begin rescanning my doujinshis, but given that I own an extremely large amount, it may take a while for me to upload them to the site. Until then, look out for more Resident Evil 5 news!

October 12, 2008: I’m so proud of myself! And, you all should be proud of me, too, because I managed to keep my promise by recapping Resident Evil 2 completely. That’s right, Claire’s A and B scenarios, along with both endings, have been recapped! Go ahead and check ‘em out, because I devoted my entire weekend solely to this and neglected all my homework. Lulz. Also, check out the news section for more info on RE5, but beware of spoilers!

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