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April 12, 2012: The day has finally come. After over a decade of waiting, the return of Sherry Birkin is here, and it is official. The latest trailer of Resident Evil 6 has confirmed Sherry's appearance. She will be voiced by Eden Riegel in this game. You don't have to ask: Yes, I actually cried over this news. :) Click here to watch the trailer.

Over the next several months, there are bound to be hundreds news bits relating to Resident Evil 6. I won't be able to update as quickly or frequently as I'd like, but the updates will come, I promise.

August 20, 2009: Capcom Unity has announced a “contest” for guessing the name of the mystery character from Darkside Chronicles, and in the article, they refer to her as a “brand new character,” ending speculation she is someone we already know. Nice to have direct confirmation instead of dragging the fandom into another debate. It is, admittedly, a little disheartening, but since Sherry is still in the game, I suppose we can't be too brokenhearted. After all, Darkside Chronicles still looks incredible.

August 19, 2009: Possibly the most amazing trailer in the universe has been released for Darkside Chronicles. I really don't think there are any words to describe how awesome this trailer is, so just watch it! You'll be delighted to hear Sherry finally speak, and it's safe to say her voice actress is a perfect fit.

More interestingly, however, is a new female render that Capcom has released alongside the IGN.com screenshots. There is no name given to this mystery female, but she is undoubtedly from one of the new scenarios that have yet to be showcased. I'll resist starting my own opinion on the matter, but this is certainly hope for us. Prepare to be disappointed, though, as we always are when it comes to Sherry's return.

Last, but not least, is a blog entry about Sherry from Yasuhiro Seto's, the game's director, blog. This was released several days ago, but I figured I would mention it.

July 02, 2009: Another trailer of Darkside Chronicles was released, which includes plenty of new gameplay scenes. Sherry's new VA is only sampled in occasional screams, so hopefully we'll hear more her voice in the near future. IGN.com has also released new screenshots, which are below.

Everything about this game continues to look great. Rumors continue to fly about the "new" scenarios, which have yet to be unveiled, and many suggest they may include Sherry as a playable character, but we'll have to see.

April 28, 2009: Darkside Chronicles news galore! First off, a brand new trailer as been released, which shows Sherry a variety of times while also showcasing the gameplay. Excellent work so far, Capcom. Secondly, IGN.com has put up some new screens, which also include four Sherry editions. You can view them below or by heading over to their page. Lastly, in an IGN.com article, a confirmation has been made about Sherry’s voice actor—she will be receiving a new one, because the previous VA, Lisa Yamanaka, no longer “sounded” like Sherry anymore.

I am a little sad about Lisa Yamanaka not returning (mostly for nostalgic reasons), but it is a logical move, and I am optimistic Capcom has hired a very talented voice actor for Sherry. Overall, my opinion has instantly shot up after seeing the new trailer of the game. Darkside Chronicles seems to be redeeming itself of Umbrella Chronicles’ mishaps, and for that, I am very grateful. I’m definitely look forward to see more.

April 22, 2009: It’s almost like the impossible happened. Our little Sherry Birkin will finally be appearing in another game, which has certainly sent me flying with absolute excitement. She’ll be making an appearance in Darkside Chronicles. So far, she’s only confirmed in the Resident Evil 2 scenario, but there’s still hope she’ll take part in another, too. To see scans of Sherry’s new model, head on over to this thread at Biohaze. This is so exciting!

February 27, 2009: In a recent interview released by GameTrailers.com, Jun Takeuchi confirms that Sherry's appearance in Resident Evil 5 is nothing but a rumor. Most of us already know this, of course, but for those still speculating, I thought this final confirmation was appropriate to post. However, Takeuchi also mentions the possibility of a Resident Evil 2 remake, which is interesting to hear.

January 19, 2009: Unfortunately, in the latest entry in the Kijuju blog, Adam, the author, has revealed the name of the Red Dress Girl. It is Allyson. While we can happily live in denial by claiming the name is a pseudonym, I think this is the ultimate indicator that she is not Sherry. :( It's very disheartening, but if anything proving otherwise turns up, I'll definitely update. Until then, I think this may be the end of Sherry-related RE5 news, and it might be safe to say that Sherry is definitely not in the game. Ah, well.

January 09, 2009: Capcom has continued their interesting campaigning by updating their Biohazard 5 website, as well as creating a blog in English. The blog mentions the Red Dress Girl several times, and seems to be essentially dedicated to her, leaving me quite perplexed and somewhat hopeful. Only one new picture has surfaced of the girl, but the others are interesting, too.

Obviously I'm trying to remain optimistic when it comes to Resident Evil 5, therefore I decided that despite a lot of indicators pointing towards Sherry possibly not appearing in the game, it still might be worthwhile to keep the site updated on tidbits regarding the Red Dress Girl. I'd definitely suggest reading through the blog. It's quite entertaining, and the strings of information concerning the girl's "boyfriend" are very interesting.

December 20, 2008: It kind of hurts to update about Resident Evil 5 news now, because I'm almost 100% positive the Red Dress Girl isn't Sherry. However, until we have a concrete evidence proving otherwise, I will continue to update as though she were our Sherry Birkin. So, getting to the point, another trailer for RE5 came out, and it seems this time around the Red Dress Girl actually gets some spoken dialogue. I've capped her short segment from the trailer. The images are not the best of quality due to the trailer being leaked and not officially released, but these pictures will have to do for now.

I cannot even begin to express how disappointed I am that Sherry is possibly not in this game. I feel like I was bamboozled by Capcom all over again (as I originally thought Ashely in RE4 was Sherry, too). Sooo... We'll see when RE5 is released, I suppose. And, if not, looks like we'll be waiting another four years for Sherry's return in RE6.

December 18, 2008: (RE5 SPOILERS IN FOLLOWING POST) Most of you probably already have gotten a hold of the leaked information regarding the identity of the Masked Woman, now known as the "Plague Doctor," and I just wanted to make a quick post about it. I cannot provide any specific links, because Capcom has seized the information from various websites, but I'll be upfront about it: Masked Woman is not Sherry. So, disregard all news posts suggesting it. Lulz. Sherry's role in RE5 (if any) continues to be a mystery. But, don't let that get you down. There's still the Red Dress Girl to speculate about.

December 07, 2008: The Masked Woman continues to boggle fans! Now that higher resolution pictures have been leaked from the previous low-quality trailer from the Tokyo Game Show, some fans are starting to speculate what the Masked Woman is wearing underneath her cloak. Take a look!

Could it be that the Masked Woman is wearing a leather outfit similar to the strange Tube Girl at the end of the first Resident Evil 5 trailer? If so, they might be one in the same, and considering that particular person looks blonde, there may be some hope left in the Masked Woman being Sherry. I'm still crossing my fingers!

October 12, 2008: As most of you are probably already aware of, the most recent Tokyo Game Show trailer of Resident Evil 5 has revealed the fate of Jill Valentine. However, because fans will be fans, speculation is already running rampant, and many are under the impression Jill is not dead at all, and instead, has been brainwashed by Wesker (or what have you), and is now the mysterious cloaked woman. What does this mean for Sherry’s part of the game? Well, we at least know the blonde girl definitely has to be Miss Birkin; however, the identity of the cloaked woman continues to be debated.

If you ask me (and you probably shouldn’t, because I’m bias here, and I want the big things for Sherry in RE5), I find the whole “Jill isn’t really dead, Wesker kidnapped her and brainwashed her” to be really cliché. Jill is a strong character, and the idea she would survive the Spencer Mansion and Nemesis and then wind up having her death faked so Wesker could mess with Chris… Well, it’s just cheesy. The storyline better fits Sherry, given that she is a character who was so young in RE2 and has been with Wesker since before CODE: Veronica. I am still crossing my fingers that the masked woman is Sherry, because if not, I’m really left wondering what part Sherry will take in RE5 as the helpless-looking blonde.

October 04, 2008: I know there is a lot of speculation over Sherry’s involvement in Resident Evil 5, and I thank each and every one of you who has emailed me to inform me of new tidbits, etc. Sadly, however, it’s hard for me to update when it’s only speculation and not fact. As of now, there are two possible “figures” in the Resident Evil 5 trailers that could be Sherry. There is, of course, the mysterious cloaked person. Many people seem to believe this is Sherry, and I agree with them. For one, the figure is curvy, and as seen in the trailer, they walk very feminine. But, who knows?

And, then, the mysterious blonde haired girl, who is seen wearing a red dress, very similar to Ada’s fashion. Could Sherry be taking fashion tips from her? I HOPE SO, OMFG. I’m under the assumption that both the blonde girl and the cloaked person are Sherry. Why Sherry is cloaked at different times in the game may lead to some very interesting things storyline-wise.

I'm assuming the Tube Girl has been scraped, but it is not definite. I’ll continue to update with news on Sherry in Resident Evil 5. Hopefully, we’ll find out something very soon!

August 07, 2007: Could it be Capcom is finally paying attention to my complaints about Sherry not being in another game? Could it be that they are finally wrapping up a storyline that's been loose since 1998? Maybe they remembered Sherry existed at all, so hooray. It's not confirmed, but in the latest RE5 trailer, a blonde girl appears at the very end, and the features definitely point towards Sherry Birkin. Here are some pictures:

I have to say, she's not nearly as jailbaity as I expected and hoped, but she's still very stunning, and I'm anticipating more news! But, if this girl isn't Sherry, who could it possibly be?

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