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Why Sherry, and why a shrine?

Although I love Claire and Ada, Sherry is honestly my favorite character in Resident Evil. I find it hard to believe people hate her so much, because I love the idea of protecting a supporting character in a video game. Itís fun, and it makes the process more challenging. I also believe Sherry is one of the most important characters in the series, and her ties to Wesker intrigue me. For years, Iíve speculated of whatís to come with Sherry, whether sheíll play naughty or nice in her next appearance and whether sheíll seek revenge on Claire for abandoning her so recklessly. Now, why a shrine? Well, I have to admit, itís just fun to design them, and Iíve obtained so much Resident Evil novelties over the years, I figured I could put them to good use!

Credits & Shoutouts

Gaby - First off, thank you for being a wonderful and generous friend. <3 It means so much that you donated the Research on Biohazard 2 scans. It's very relieving to know there is someone else out there who puts their heart and soul into building a shrine for a silly video game character.

Candeta - Thank you for the countless emails you and I shared and for all our crazy common interests. You are a huge inspiration, to me, and I'll always treasure the doujinshi you gave me.

And to the rest...

Thank you so much, hearXtheXsirens, for providing the textures for the background! I love your work, and I hope you continue to make beautiful graphics! Unfortunately, I cannot recall where I obtained the pink ribbon texture used in the header of the layout, so if anyone knows, please tell me so I can give proper credit!

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