·· Story of RE2

The Beginning

Resident Evil 2 involves two main characters: Claire Redfield, a 19 year-old college student, who comes to Raccoon City to search for her brother, Chris; and, of course, Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie cop eager to start his first day on the RPD force. When they both arrive they find themselves in a zombie-infested city, deserted with no one around. The two end up running into each other, but are quickly seperated.

You meet Sherry playing as Claire Redfield. Sherry is hiding in the police station where her mother, Annette, told her to stay. Claire tells Sherry it will be safer to stay together, but Sherry argues, telling the woman a “monster” is after her. She also tells Claire she's looking for her father, William Birkin. After hearing the roar of the monster, Sherry takes off in fear.

Claire later bumps into Sherry in the basement of the police department. Trying to earn Sherry's trust once more, Claire makes the attempt to calm her. Sherry does the same as last time: taking off, but this time, searching for her father, who she claimed called her name. She climbs over a small construction area, leaving Claire alone for the moment. At this point, the player takes control of Sherry while she searches for clues (and keys, etc.). When returning to Claire, Sherry gives her what she found. However, Sherry, unable to reach the top of the construction area, is forced to take a detour in reuniting with Claire.

That detour ends when Claire finds Sherry in Cheif Irons' office. This time, Sherry is finally persuaded to stay with Claire and two begin their journey down into the sewers of Raccoon City.

When Claire and Sherry enter the sewers, they automatically see Sherry's monster and run quickly ahead. Unfortunately, Sherry ends up getting sucked into another section of the sewers. Again, the player takes control of Sherry until she reaches the garbage dump of the sewers. Picking up a small medal she finds, the floor to room falls through and Sherry is knocked unconscious. Defenseless, the monster ends up finding her and implants the girl with its embryo.

While searching for Sherry, Claire runs into Annette. Annette fills Claire in on everything that is going on in the city, even to the point where she reveals the “monster” is, in fact, William Birkin. He injected himself with his creation, the G-Virus, after Umbrella soldiers came to steal it. Annette also says Birkin wants to implant Sherry with his embryo since they share the same blood and genetics. Worried, the two agree to split up in order to find Sherry.

Claire finds Sherry in the same area she fell unconscious. Sherry awakens and Claire, not telling her anything about her current situation, convinces her they need to continue moving. When they find a tram to take them down to Umbrella Chemical Plant, Sherry falls unconscious once again. Claire gives Sherry her trademark jacket and lets the girl rest in a safe room.

While Claire continues with her adventure, she runs into Annette once more. Unfortunately, Annette's life is put to an end by her mutated husband. Before she dies, she gives Claire directions on how to create a vaccine to cure Sherry.

Claire is able to create this concoction, but due to the self-destruct system activating, she cannot get back to Sherry. She contacts her ole' buddy, Leon, and he assures Claire he will rescue Sherry. And, he does. He finds her in the safe room and informs the girl she will see Claire soon. He carries her to a train (one that will lead them out of the city). Claire manages to catch up with them just in time.

When the two reunite, Claire gives an unconscious Sherry the vaccine. Waking up from her state of darkness, Sherry thanks Claire tiredly.

Claire's B Scenario

When Claire and Sherry enter the sewers, they automatically see Sherry's monster and run quickly ahead (in this scenario, Mr. X is the monster). Sherry ends up getting sucked into another section of the sewers. In this scenario, the player does not take control of Sherry.

Claire eventually meets Annette, Sherry's mother. Claire informs her that a monster has been chasing the two, and Annette just gives the shaded answer that Sherry has the G-Virus with her. Having been previously injured, Annette loses consciousness, leaving Claire confused and worried.

Sherry somehow manages to find her way to back to Claire, finding her at a tram right before she departs. Claire automatically asks Sherry about the G-Virus, to which Sherry says she never heard of it. Now more puzzled, Claire just decides to stay quiet, and the two board the tram. During the ride, Claire gives Sherry her trademark jacket as a comfort gift. However, the tender moment ends when the machine stops due to overheating. Claire tells Sherry she'll see what needs fixing while the girl stays in there. Unfortunately, the machine starts up again, leading Sherry to the lower levels of the Chemical Plant all by herself.

When Claire and Annette meet up, the blonde is angry Sherry is nowhere to be seen. Annette threatens Claire until she spots Sherry on one of the security cameras. They both see the girl being attacked by Mr. X. Claire vocally wonders once again why the monster is after Sherry, and Annette informs her of Sherry's locket having a sample of the G-Virus in it. The two part ways to save Sherry.

When Claire gets to Sherry, she hollers for her to throw the locket. Eager to get the virus, Mr. X turns to where it is thrown. Sherry makes a run for it after Claire catches the locket. The woman mockingly twirls it around, then throwing it into a pit of lava, telling Mr. X if he wants it, then he should go get it.

Sherry, trying to find safety away from Mr. X, eventually discovers her mother wounded on the floor. Annette, on the verge of death, tells Sherry she is extremely sorry for not being a better mother, and that she loves her daughter deeply. She dies afterward, leaving Sherry in tears. But, Claire, having witnessed the scene, comforts Sherry quickly and then tells her they have to get out of the city.

Having obtained the key to an exit from Annette's corpse, the two find themselves discovering a train that will lead them out of the city. Leon manages to catch up to them just in time. Happy and feeling safe for the moment, the three continue their ride out of the city. Claire tells Sherry her “guardian angel” has protected her, meaning the jacket she gave to the girl.

A/B Ending

All is well for a short amount of time. Just as they think they're safe, an overly mutated Birkin attacks the tram in a final attempt to get the trio. The train's self-destruct system activates at that point, causing more danger. Thinking right away to stop the train, Leon and Claire discover the door to the control room is locked. Forced to fight the monster, Sherry takes matters into her own hands. She climbs through the ventilation shaft and makes her way to the control room. With a little help from Claire (or Leon, depending on which character is being played), she presses the emergency button and the train makes it stop.

When all three manage to get out of the train, they make a run for the end of the tunnel. In the nick of time, they escape the powerful explosion, leaving Birkin and the train nothing but remains.

All three rest in the outskirts of Raccoon City. Leon tells Sherry what she did was impressive, but Sherry just modestly answers, “It was nothing. I saw someone do that on TV once.” Feeling relaxed and ready to go, Claire tells them they have to finish the job. Confused, Leon and Sherry follow Claire a few steps ahead. Claire tells them she must continue searching for her brother. It is unknown at what point she left, but Claire's RE3 epilogue suggests she leaves at that exact moment, leaving the “badly in need of medical attention” duo abandoned.


Sherry and Leon eventually find refugee with the government. Sherry is confronted about having any immediate relatives, but she does not answer. Meanwhile, Leon makes a deal with a government agent in order to guarantee Sherry’s safety. As a result, Sherry is taken into the government’s custody. According to the Japanese artbook for Darkside Chronicles, several spies within the government are connected to Albert Wesker.

Sherry’s future role in the series is up for debate, but it is almost certain that, if she returns, her safety may very well be in jeopardy.

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