·· Wesker’s Report

When CODE: Veronica X was released in 2001, those who pre-ordered the game were given a special DVD known as Wesker’s Report. It was narrated by the character’s voice actor at the time, Richard Waugh, and the “documentary” summarized the events of the three previous Resident Evil games. The DVD was notable for unveiling several elements of the series: One, that Wesker and Sherry’s father, William Birkin, were close associates throughout their tenure with Umbrella; and, two, that Sherry was in Wesker’s custody.

Fans clung to this reveal for many years, as it was the only information provided about Sherry’s whereabouts. However, in 2008, Capcom released a DVD entitled, Anniversary Special, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Resident Evil and the fifth anniversary of Devil May Cry. The disc included various trailers from both series, along with an updated version of Wesker’s Report, which was intentionally reedited to exclude the line about Sherry being in Wesker’s custody. Originally, the documentary ended with the line: “There’s something about this little girl.” In the revised edit, it ends with Wesker simply stating that Leon teamed up with an anti-Umbrella organization.

It was a sloppy edit, but Capcom did it intentionally, and it was the first sign that the writers intended to retcon the scenario that Sherry was in Wesker’s custody. With the release of Resident Evil 5 assuring us that the storyline was never going to take place, Capcom later confirmed the change in Inside of Biohazard: The Darkside Chronicles. In the artbook, it is revealed that Sherry was placed under government care but that many spies were placed within the unit by Wesker. Therefore, while Wesker was most likely monitoring Sherry throughout the years, he never actually had her in his custody. Disappointing, I’ll vehemently admit, but not all hope is lost for Sherry possibly showing up in the series again.

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