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Why, hello there! Welcome to Super Best Friends, the approved fanlisting for the relationship between Kyle Broflovski and Stan Marsh from Comedy Central's South Park. Out of the four main characters on the show, Stan and Kyle are undoubtedly the closest. They are best friends--or, as they have put it, super best friends--and have stayed extremely loyal to each other throughout the show (with a few exceptions, of course). Let's just face it, they are so fookin' adorable, it makes your head spin. DON'T DENY IT. But, regardless if you see Stan and Kyle's relationship as platonic friends, or if you think they are as gay as the day is long, feel free to join. :3 And, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me. Enjoy your stay!

This fanlisting was originally owned by the gracious and amazing, Alex, who allowed me to adopt it on October 11, 2008. There are not enough thank yous in the world to match how grateful I am for her generosity. She rules, and I love her, and you should, too.

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The Stan Marsh/Kyle Broflovski fanlisting was last updated on 17th April 2017. There are currently 147 approved members from 28 countries with 2 waiting to be added to the list. A warm welcome goes out to the newest member(s), Styleet.

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October 16, 2008: Oh, my God, I have no life. And, because of this, I have capped season one through eleven, grabbing every bit of Stan/Kyle that I could in the process. I also capped the movie and Imaginationland, OMG. Hard work pays off, amrite? Check out the completed gallery nao!

October 12, 2008: Holy fookin' shit in a basket. I cannot believe Alex let me adopt this fanlisting. I seriously cried when I read her email. I was truly touched. And, oh my God, I can only hope I will do Stan and Kyle's relationship justice. They are truly my OTP, and I wouldn't want anything less for them.

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