Style = Gay. The end. ;;

IT WAS A LOVE THAT KNEW NO BOUNDS. Or, something. I dunno what Iím trying to say here. I put that ďStyleĒ thing on my image map, and I donít feel like going back into Adobe Photoshop and editing it, so now I have to come up with something to write in this section. And, I donít feel like writing biographies, because if you donít know who Stan and Kyle are and why theyíre so gay, then Iím just puzzled why youíre in my house! All I know is that South Park is my favorite show, and I fangirl over it so hard. So hard. Harder than my cock. Lulz.

Okay, anyway. So, ďStyleĒ is the brilliant and totally original name given to the pairing of Stan and Kyle. There you goóthatís my explanation and reason for this retarded section of this fanlisting. Now that Iíve given you a definition I can move on and just start talking about things that have no substance whatsoever. My point here is that THIS PAIRING IS POPULAR ENOUGH TO HAVE A SHIPPING NAME, OH SNAP! Like, you donít even know, people. South Park slash rules 90% of the internet. Or, at least 90% of the South Park internet. Yeah, you wouldnít know it from checking out the official message boards, but us slashers CONTROL THIS FANDOM. It revolves around us, and we outnumber the Wendy/Stan fans by at least nine thousand people. Seriously, just go to right now and look up South Park fanfic. Thereís, like, five jillion slash fics and about two het stories. Dude, seriously, stop what youíre doing and go look, Iím not lying.

But, in all seriousness, the South Park fandom is one of the most amazing fandoms Iíve ever been in, and I mean that 100%. The people in it are so sincere and sweet, and I feel so welcomed and loved in it. Above that, people are so fucken talented in this fandom. I mean, yeah, you get your fair share of r-tards, but the majority of artists and authors are amazing. Like, I seriously have this collage of South Park fanart on my wall. And, everyone thinks Iím really crazy because of it, BUT COME ON, some of the shizzle in this hood is astonishing. Iíve cried over some of it, not even kidding here.

Okay, so Iím running out of things to say. South Park helped me survive high school (again: this is not a lie), and I sent a letter to Matt and Trey telling them this. I also told Trey that Ze Mole was the best character evaaaar, and he needs to be brought back pronto before I lose my mind. OMG, I love everything about South Park. It can do no wrong. None, I say. And, Stan and Kyle are canonly gay, and you should shut up if you donít agree, because thereís no way Iím wrong. There just isnít! Besides, if this isnít gay, then I just donít know what isÖ I just donít!

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