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Why Wesker/Birkin?

Without a doubt, the relationship between these two is my favorite in the series. Thereís just something so complex about their relationship, and I find the fact they were actually friends to be extremely interesting, considering both menís personalities and motives. Both trusted each other and, even after Weskerís decision to betray Umbrella came about, Birkin knew of this, and a heavy amount of evidence suggests Birkin was planning to betray the company, too, once completing his G-Virus project. This is, like, totally true love, amirite?

Why "Conspirators" for a title?

Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for such a great title. The original owner, Kate, came up with it, and I chose to keep it, because it is absolutely perfect. Wesker and Birkin conspired together many times during their relationship: having James Marcus assassinated, keeping Lisa Trevorís body hidden, and of course, wanting to both leave Umbrella. A pair that can conspire so much together obviously has a large amount of trust and devotion between them. :3

Site Resources

The screencaps used in the layout were capped by yours truly; however my layout would have been impossible had it not been for the following resources: MasterJinn, and hearXtheXsirens. All three provided me with wonderful textures and backgrounds.

The characters Albert Wesker and William Birkin are © to Capcom, along with the series, "Resident Evil." I am not affiliated with any properties of the game or its creation, and there is no profit being made from this fansite! Fanlisting design, content and coding, however, belong to the webmaster, Bianca, and should not be redistributed without permission. Please ask before taking anything anything on the site.